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    Captains ! Supertest Recruitment is now Open !

    Do you want to help us testing various aspects of new builds? New ships? New features? Are you eager to provide us feedback about all of this? And can you maintain silence?  Then the Supertest is for you!
    You may post your application here after thoroughly reading and understanding the information below - and the Supertest Rules found in Terms and Conditions.

    The applications open on 07 December 2016 and close on 14 December 2016, 22:59 UTC

    What is a Supertester ?

    Supertesters are players who voluntarily give up their own time to help test early builds of the latest patch, new ships, new maps, new modes etc. Supertesters are expected to be fully competent at filing detailed reports of bugs and issues they find within the game as well as completing surveys on new ships and maps. They must be able to give clear evidence for the issue, and offer their best judgement towards a solution to the issue.

    Supertesters are not always exceptionally good players, however they are expected to be knowledgeable about game mechanics, in-game balance, and have some idea about the state and preferences of the larger game community. From this knowledge they are expected to give balanced and reasoned opinions. 

    Do you meet the Criteria for being a Supertester ?

    Before you apply, please ensure you meet the minimum criteria:

    • You must be fluent in spoken English, and have good English written skills
    • Be aged over 18
    • Regularly play WoWS !
    • Have the ability to get on well with a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds and nationality
    • Be available to regularly attend formal ST sessions on Teamspeak. These take place at 18:30 CET (5.30pm UK time) approximately every two to three weeks, although this can vary. Note that when the test is on, there may be several session during the week!
    • Use Discord for written chat and Teamspeak 3 for verbal chat
    • Your activity on the Forum will also be considered

    What to include in your application

    • Why do you want to become a Supertester?
    • The current specifications of your PC/Laptop
    • Any experience you have in testing software or games
    • A short review of a ship in game (5-6 bulletspoints)
    • Please draft an example bug report using the format which you can find on the English Forum section (no prizes for originality)
    • Confirm, that you are 18+ years old
    • Find a three-word code word hidden in the Rules!

    The Selection Process

    • In the first stage, we will check your application, forum conduct record and playing statistics (please ensure they are set to ‘public’). If you meet our requirements, you will then be invited to the second stage.
    • The second stage will be a short, informal interview on Teamspeak with one or two Supertest Co-ordinators. The primary purpose of this stage is to perform a basic communication check and introduce you to the Supertest.
    • If you pass the second stage you will be invited to join ST !

    Any questions ?

    Please ask any questions in the dedicated Forum thread.
    Action Stations! :izmena:


    The Supertest Rules for World of Warships

    1. General Information

    1.1. Supertest (further abbreviated as ST) is a standalone organization that facilitates preliminary testing of new game content by volunteers known as the Supertesters. The Supertesters assist the World of Warships developer team in preparing product versions for the release by finding bugs, verifying features, sharing their opinions and ideas, and providing the first feedback.

    1.2. The Supertesters have the official status of the volunteers (voluntary helpers) for a project. Their status is confirmed by their membership in a separate forum group.

    1.3. When not involved in the ST activities, the Supertesters do not have any special privileges over other users, and should maintain a positive image of their group by observing the Game and Forum Rules, helping novice players whenever possible, and staying constructive in arguments and discussions.

    1.4. We recommend participation in the ST for users who:

    • Like playing World of Warships, want to help in the development, and want to be the first to see all the updates that are sometimes at the prototype stage only.
    • Interest themselves in or are involved in game development, are not afraid of the difficulties, have attention to details, and are result-oriented.
    • Want to become part of a friendly team united by common interests and aims.

    1.5. All ST participants have to have adequate skill in English. The main idea of ST is to provide rapid turnaround of information and feedback - there sadly is no time to provide coverage in all languages supported on the EU server. During ST sessions, it is vital that the Supertesters are able to understand and respond to instructions by the ST Coordinators.

    1.6. The ST rules are to be studied and observed by all ST participants. The content of these Rules may be supplemented or amended at any time, with obligatory notification posted in this topic.

    2. Access

    2.1. The Supertesters are recruited in accordance with a usual procedure. Those interested may submit their request in recruitment topics, or the WG Staff may select the Supertesters directly if necessary.

    2.2. When registered, all the Supertesters receive a message with the instructions and their personal test account credentials that are valid only for the ST server. The Supertesters are fully responsible for keeping this information confidential.

    2.3. When registered for the ST, each Supertester must be provided with the following:

    • An account for the ST server.
    • The Supertester is included either in the primary or the secondary group of the "Supertesters" forum group, if the Supertester is already a member of any volunteer group and wants to keep this group membership visible.
    • This group provides access to the ST Forum section.
    • Access to the ST Discord channel.
    • Access to Supertest TeamSpeak channel

    2.4. Upon withdrawal from the ST, all accesses listed above in item 2.3 are removed.


    3. Organization

    3.1. WG Staff taking care of ST consists of Tuccy and Sehales. Please contact them with critical issues.

    3.2. Other Community Team members and Developers may interact with the Supertesters directly regarding test- and game-related issues - such requests will however always be processed through ST staff or Supertest Coordinators.

    3.3. A number of the Supertesters involved in the test organization are positioned as the ST Coordinators.

    3.4. The ST Coordinators are responsible for the following

    • Facilitate smooth operation of the Supertest.
    • Control that the schedule and ST rules are observed.
    • Help with the Supertesters' authorization as per Item 2.3.
    • Help the WG Staff to process the data and record the activity.

    3.5. The Supertesters must follow the ST Coordinators' instructions. In their turn, the ST Coordinators must always act in the interests of the Test and adhere to the schedules. The ST Coordinators also have right to resolve disputes at their discretion, making the WG Staff aware of such disputes. Feedback on the ST Coordinators' work can be sent to the WG Staff through personal messages on the forum / Discord.

    4. Communication

    4.1. At the moment we use the following for the ST coordination: Forum Information topic, official TeamSpeak WoWS ST and ST Discord channel.

    4.2. The ST participants must use all three means of communication:

       4.2.1. Information forum topic: When registered, all the ST participants have to subscribe to a specific topic in order to be promptly notified of important events.

       4.2.2. All the ST participants must attent WoWS ST channel during test sessions they participate in. See the instructions in other posts in the Rules and Regulations topic.

       4.2.3. All the ST participants must be available in the Discord channel WoWS ST. For authorization the Supertesters must contact one of the Coordinators from the Lobby of the Discord server.

    5. Work Schedule

    5.1. The principal duty of the Supertester is to fulfill tasks during the test sessions. Tasks are published as individual topics in the special section of the forum. As a rule, they presuppose the Supertester attends a certain test session and provides respective feedback. The rules mentioned in this document are applicable for all tasks unless otherwise specified in the task wording.

    5.2. The information topic is the principal means of notification. If possible the Developers always try to notify about tasks in advance - at least 1 day before the event. Detailed rules and times may come on the day of the test, though.

    5.3. Usual big testing sessions take place on Sunday or Monday evenings from 18:00 till 21:00 (UTC). Minor sessions can take place any day of the week.

    5.4. The task details can include just the session time (preliminary announcement), then required number of battles, levels, maps, modes, number and time of the sessions, references to the associated topics. Information can be changed and adjusted as the test progresses.

    5.5. Generally, the Supertesters provide their response either by sending in their feedback or preparing bug reports.

    5.5.1. Feedback is the Supertester's opinion on the tested features. Feedback must be submitted in conventional format in the special Forum section. Usually the feedback can be finalized when all the test sessions of the task are completed. The more accurate and closer to the conventional format the feedback is written, the more useful and more valuable it is.

       5.5.2. In specific cases, Feedback is to be provided in the form of Google Forms surveys. Whenever this is the case, surveys are the primary feedback channel.

       5.5.3. Bug reports are prepared during the test in special forum topics. Bug report is a message about a bug including an error, inoperable or improperly functioning features, unexpected spontaneous exits, rendering artefacts etc.

       5.5.4. Before publishing a bug report the Supertester must read the first post of the topic for the bug reports, where a list of known bugs found in this iteration\session and any other important information is provided. If the issue description and reproduction steps entirely coincide with the Supertester's data, a new bug report should not be created (except for the crashes and performance issues, as the Supertester's system configuration can be a factor in this case). A list of known issues, if available, must be studied. Bug reports on known issues should not be duplicated.

       5.5.5. To publish a bug report, the Supertester must use the bug report template.

    • 1. Description: Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details.
             Example: the cruiser Aoba: scout is inoperable.
    • 2. Reproduction steps: A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug.
             Example: 1. Select the cruiser Aoba 2. Enter the battle (Training or Random Battle). 3. Try to launch the scout.
    • 3. Result: In-game experience resulting from the bug. 
             Example: When you press the scout activation button, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult.
    • 4. Expected result: In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present.
             Example: The scout has to be launched by the catapult.
    • 5. Technical details
             Example: Bug time: about 19:30 (UTC).Replay (attempt at 01:00), python.log, DxDiag.

       5.5.6. The following technical details must be included into the bug report:

    • It is very desirable to indicate the bug occurrence time (UTC preferably)
    • Visual demonstration must be added:
    • Replay if it shows the issue, and the time code (the bug occurrence time in the replay).
    • Screenshot, if it shows the issue
    • Video can be included as well, if the Supertester thinks it helps to show the issue;
    • DxDiag must be added (if not present in the user signature in the forum).
    • Python.log (from the game directory) must be included;
    • Graphics preset settings must be included. If the graphics settings are customized, then their screenshot must be added as well.

       The Developers working on the bugs can ask the Supertester to provide additional information. Such requests should be treated very responsibly.

       5.5.7. You can attach small files (screenshot, replays and short logs) using the forum feature "Attach file".

    IMPORTANT POINT: if it is necessary to attach a large file or video or if the account storage quota on the forum is exceeded, the Supertester is allowed to use YouTube service (for video) and Google Drive (for other files).


    Obligatory condition: the services mentioned above must have the "share via link" option selected for all content related to the ST. The Supertesters are recommended to delete outdated content only after the version testing results are reviewed.

    6. Confidentiality

    6.1. The ST client as well as any related logs, files, screenshots, and videos constitute Confidential Information of the ST.

    6.2. The Supertester can only publish any Confidential Information in strict accordance with the guidelines contained in Item 5.5.4. Violation of the guidelines contained in Item 5.5.4. will be considered as major violation of the ST Rules and may result in:

    • Decrease of the user position in the Supertester rating
    • Exclusion of the user from the ST
    • Suspension of the user's account in World of Warships

    7. Bonuses

    7.1. Within the ST of World of Warships, there are no obligatory bonuses or compensations, either in in-game currency or otherwise. Supertesters are volunteers who voluntarily help the project.

    7.2. We will periodically publish special ST reports so that the Supertesters could follow their activities and track their contribution to the game development. We reserve the right to award the Supertesters with various gifts on the basis of, among other things, these reports.

    8. Restrictions and Penalties

    8.1. The main purpose of the established system of restrictions and penalties is to retain the loyal and active community of the Supertesters, comfortable ST experience, and a positive image of the ST within the project. This system is a supplement rather than a replacement for the Game and Forum Rules. Any disputes under or in connection with item 8 are dealt with and resolved by the WG Staff.

    8.2. Any violation enumerated in Item 8.3. and recognized by the WG Staff or any of the Coordinators will result in the following:

    8.3. Violations:

       8.3.1. Regular absence from the ST sessions, especially the sessions that are conducted at standard testing time and are planned in advance. Lack of performance and a consistently low score in the ST reports.

       8.3.2. Absence in the TeamSpeak or Discord channel during the session.

       8.3.3. Violation of the testing schedule, failure to comply with requests and instructions received from the Coordinators and aimed at maintaining the testing process.

       8.3.4. World of Warships Project: regular violation of the Forum and Game Rules.

       8.3.5. World of Warships Forum: lack of loyalty to the project (implicit affronts to the project and/or the developers, sharply negative opinions about the project without any constructive criticism). NOTE: This does not mean you cannot criticise - just try to do it in an constructive manner.

       8.3.6 Discord channel for the WoWS ST: flood, Off-Topic conversations, profanity, abusive words, harassing users, holding discussions on current political issues.

       8.3.7 Discord channel for the WoWS ST: Off-Topic conversations and political discussions are allowed to a certain degree in the prepared channels.

       8.3.8. TeamSpeak channel for the WoWS ST: flood, offtopic conversations, profanity, shouting, abusive words, harassing users, holding discussions on current political issues.

       8.3.9. TeamSpeak channel for the WoWS ST: loud noises and sounds that disturb others, flood in Teamspeak chat.

    9. Last but not Least

    Strict mode off: It all boils down to few simple rules:

    • What happens in Supertest, stays in Supertest
    • Be active
    • Be civil
    • Be inquisitive
    • Stick to the rules
    • Have fun


    If you keep this in mind, we’ll be a happy band of Supertest brothers, you’ll get to try out new cool stuff and you’ll help in making this awesome game even more awesome for others. The goal here really isn’t to dig through the rules and hit you with formality… But if you’d misbehave, we would have to. So please consider that if we have to do so, it means we don’t get to work on other cool stuff and since it is unnecessary task, we will be annoyed and may end up launching nukes :izmena:

    Now... Let's break some patches